in a world in which information is like air, what happens to power?

May 13, 2009

… this is the question behind Us Now, the film I participated in a little while ago. There’s been quite a flurry around it recently (check out the usnow hashtag on twitter… by the way if anyone can tell me where the hash symbol is on my macbook I will be eternally grateful!) because, excitingly, you can now watch the whole film online, and free, courtesy of joiningthedots.tv



  1. Alt three = #
    : )

  2. I just watched the video and truly feel that it provides a hope for the future. As an educator, I know the positive potential is there, but will require nurturing.

    Can we model this in K-12 education? in colleges and universities? Can our learning environments be dynamically constructed with our learners and include the greater public to become engaging and collaborative places of ongoing formal and informal personalized learning, preparing citizens for their larger participatory roles in the future?

    A challenge, yes — but what amazing rewards if we meet this challenge!

    b.t.w. on my MacBook, the hashtag is the number 3 with the shift key #

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