about me

I’m Sophia Parker. You can read the official biog here. Things that aren’t mentioned on this (in no particular order): I live in south London, and always have done; I love my husband fiercely and with great pride; I am deeply impatient; I adore the theatre, cinema, art, books, but never have the time to do enough of them, especially once the children arrived; I have a thing for trains, buses and transportation systems in general. You can probably find out the rest if you search me out on Facebook, Twitter or Linked In.

I started Spark because I have a suspicion that I might be able to make better sense of the fragments of ideas I collect each day, if I gather them together. I’ve also started it because I have a terrible memory. Maybe a tagging system can replace my hopeless neurons.

So it’s probably best to imagine Spark as an online version of a tatty old notebook, bulging with scraps of paper and scribbled diagrams. Who knows if I’ll ever get around to making something of this random collection of notes, but there’s something I like about them just the way they are: not yet fully formed ideas that, for whatever reason, I’ve found interesting.


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