things I’ve written and done


Disablism: how to tackle the last prejudice (2004)

The Other Glass Ceiling: the domestic politics of parenting (2006)

The Journey to the Interface: how public service design can connect users to reform (2006)

Unlocking Innovation: why citizens hold the key to public service reform (2007)

Just coping: a new perspective on low income families (2008)

More than good ideas: the power of innovation in local government (2009)

The Squeezed Middle: the pressure on ordinary workers in America and Britain (2013)

Call for Action: ten lessons for local authority innovators (2013)

Essays and reports

Porous government (2007)

Participation: a new operating system for public services? (2007)

From all corners: civic innovation as a route to new government (2007)

A network for civic innovation: evaluation of work at the RSA (2008)

People’s lives as sources of innovation: the story of the Social Innovation Lab for Kent (2009)

Social Animals: tomorrow’s designers in today’s world (2009)

Closer to Crisis? How low earners are coping in the recession (2009)

Behind the Balance Sheet: the financial health of low income households (2010)

Other bits and pieces

Podcast about public services and the role of design

Talking about the work at the RSA about building a network for civic innovation

A little video that tells a version of the story of the Social Innovation Lab for Kent, which I was involved in creating.

I contributed to the film Us Now. You can watch me and all the other speakers in this film here.

Here I am talking about my leadership journey (yeah!) and how I want to change the world.


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